New Hanover County Storm Debris Pickup (Updated August 21st, 2020)

New Hanover County will be picking up hurricane yard waste/debris on a schedule. Please click on the map link below for more information on the timeframe.

Debris Collection Tips

When cleaning and clearing debris, residents are asked to follow these guidelines:

  • Separate vegetative debris (branches, leaves, etc.) from any household debris (construction and demolition debris like tile, carpet, drywall, etc. will NOT be collected)

  • Do not place debris in plastic bags (paper bags are allowed). Debris in plastic bags will NOT be collected.

  • Craft paper bags are OK for smaller pieces of debris

  • Pile smaller pieces of debris on top of larger pieces

  • Debris should be in pieces no larger than 12 feet in length.  Cut larger diameter pieces (>12 inches) into 6 foot lengths

  • Place piles at least three feet from mailboxes, utility meters, sign posts, and hydrants

  • Place piles no further than five feet from the road

  • Do not place debris piles directly under power lines

  • Try to consolidate piles with neighbors